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this. is why you should care only. marks exactly a year of refuge in ecuador's london embassy vowing he will stay there for many more fear of being shipped off to the u.s. . president obama gets a lukewarm reception him and he's met with protests against washington's exposed global surveillance programs all of which germany was among the worst affected. and cuts off with the u.s. on a new security deal after washington turns to the taliban try and negotiate stability in struggling afghanistan. international news and commentary watching art make and. now wiki leaks editor
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says he will remain in the ecuadorian embassy in london even if the sex crime allegations against him are dropped he fears being snatched and extradited to the united states especially since washington are new this assault on whistleblowers wherever they are sara firth reports on a sound you struggle and his now here long confinement. well it's been one year since julian the sons. of doing an embassy here in knightsbridge in london now the wiki leaks founder had sought asylum after the u.k. supreme court refused to really pin his appeal against extradition to sweden where he's wanted for questioning over allegations by two women sexual offenses allegations which he denies he's been one year and any near in sight and does julian the son still it's all been worth it when you very rarely get
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a glimpse actually what goes on behind those we've been able to speak to today in his son's himself to find out how he's feeling one year old. every day that we've got our principles we truly. consider this when i was in solitary confinement. prison here in london for about half an hour and my. full force that is worth one mustn't of course. throw away your ability to act very important to keep your ability to act in various ways and i have kept my teeth well you know what i say. preserves its ability to act. the struggles but i'm very comfortable and happy with what we've accomplished and i'm sure history. started and used to many very very well. while the other day and even the signs in the window by the balcony behind me with those foreign minister he's been visiting him ahead
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of his meeting with his u.k. counterpart william hague you know it's a well that's the press conference held by acquittals foreign minister immediately afterwards the ecuadorian government will continue to ensure the truly keeps receiving the protection we're giving him under asylum in our country protecting his life his personal integrity and particularly his freedom of expression. it's confinement to news but the wiki leaks founder hasn't. he's made numerous appearances throughout the world's media and of course continue to make sure that his messages support for whistle blows continue to be heard and perhaps even providing inspiration for some of the most high profile whistle blows in fact speaking recently about the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden julian assange is called him a hero indeed many of you to describe. and you can get up to
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speed on judy in a songes battle for asylum and what led to it r.t. dot com has the background as well as updates and expert analysis. blockaded by britain i am here today because i cannot be there. are your bush silent. on your way to his fate at the ecuadorian embassy to other prominent whistleblowers face the full force of the u.s. government reports now on washington's far reaching attempts to keep its affairs private while watching everyone else america is split on edward snowden traitor hero mix in between but regardless of what anyone thinks about snowden his revelations have shed unprecedented light on the u.s. government's massive spying program even if you're not doing anything wrong you're being watched and recorded former n.s.a.
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employee william binney was prosecuted as a traitor when he blew the whistle on the government's sweeping collection of data and communications its setting up to tell it to reinstate. when the government has that much information they can do those things they can use the i.r.s. to intimidate people or anything else they can send the f.b.i. . what they did to me and some others bradley manning to is being prosecuted as a traitor although it's still his war logs that the public learned about the truth which collateral murder was committed in iraq the obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the espionage act than all previous administrations combined but it was a lower say it's not government persecution that they fear the greatest fear that i have regarding the outcome. for america of these disclosures is that nothing will change the administration is not trying to convince the american people that government secrets programs are a trade off they have to make in the name of national security they always have the same stories about you know manning is known you know psychological stories what is
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wrong with these people cause them to do this i mean the real question is what is wrong with everyone else from who doesn't see what they can see but whistleblowers are not the only targets magnitude there is an obligation both moral but also legal i believe against a reporter that was the chairman of the house committee on cutting teligent and terrorism peter king calling to punish the journalist who exposed the government surveillance programs in its hunt for meeks the obama administration has already targeted its it's trying to set the precedent for the communicating with the media is the same as communicating with the enemy and that's a death penalty offense the administration doesn't have to go after each other or he certainly it's enough to create an environment of fear but will that fear stop information from coming out here is that what snowden chances are that like. conan response is simply build better whistleblower. in washington i'm going to take on.
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well thomas drake who's a former n.s.a. senior executive told r.t. what he had to inch you'll. corruption and mismanagement of the agency. we're all whistleblowers we're all for freedom of information we fundamentally object to secrets that are not necessary we funnel of objects to those who would want to rule over us or control us in secret i became a target of the surveillance system in two thousand and six i was placed on a criminal investigation for having blown the whistle on the secret surveillance programs billions and billions of dollars in fraud and waste and abuse at n.s.a. all of that combined put me on the target on a target list as a primary target after that blockbuster article was published in the new york times in december two thousand and five revealing for the first time the existence of the
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so-called warrantless wiretapping program which caused quite a stir i knew then that it was inevitable because of the very small number of people and if they even knew about the secret surveillance programs i knew as a matter of of when not if. on our website right now you can read about the possible escape school edward snowden who remains holed up in hong kong awaiting washington's new against. and the head of the controversial n.s.a. claims the disputed global surveillance program has prevented dozens of terror attacks but didn't give any thought a great. president obama's reception in the gym and capital where he is on a world when visit could have been warmer demonstrators in berlin showed what they felt about the revelations of washington's widespread surveillance program which jimmy was among the top targets. went to take
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a look. five years ago when barack obama came here to berlin he was welcomed with a regal reception treated as the great new hope for a better future well five years old and five years of drone wars whistle blow is continuing economic strife as well seeing barack obama receive a very different reception we've seen demonstrations outside against the eavesdropping that's been going on particularly the prison here in germany germany was one of the country's worst affected by this snooping into a phone calls and e-mails us while the country appeared is already on the map of nations that have been investigated this is prompting a lot of people to come out under the slogan yes we scan and a parody of barack obama's election promise of yes we can when he came to power those years ago when i was told to be a little bit more about just why the reaction is being very different time i told
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by many. parts of the free bradley manning network thank you very much for talking to me why is it a different reception to president obama's receiving this time i think to say in the second term we expected a greater transparency and the fact that he had said that he would go against the wiretapping and surveillance of americans on exactly the opposite and i think it's a scandal because it's a taboo in the german society the surveillance generally after their experience with totalitarianism and yeah i think it's really important i'm glad that this is now become a global scale and just not the american citizens that you know it's not the target it's actually all of us in the middle. and sample you know it's not just day to protectionism issue forward demonstrates is what else is the. are you wanting to bring to the u.s. president show that you know happy with what he's doing i just think that these attacks of on free and free speech on the fourth amendment on the press and the attacks that we've had on the plastic seems rising and these people and these
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posterous. aiding the enemy when the protections of sources and so forth and that no long we have no longer whistleblower protection for the us i think this is an aberration yeah i think these are the things that we should be bringing to light and say no it's just not acceptable. barack obama's euro trip started at the g eight summit in northern ireland with world leaders seemingly out of the deadlock over syria's ongoing civil we've got the details on that just ahead. a town in central russia is in a state of emergency right now are to receive aires of large explosions and a major blaze at an ammunition it happened in chop of years some injuries are reported and the area has been evacuated early marie ivanovna gave us the latest more than fifteen hundred people rescuers and firemen have been trying to fight the blaze overnight but they haven't succeeded so far good news though is that there are no more explosions and may look like their worst is behind but the thing with
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this particular incident is that you cannot no one can guarantee that it will not happen again because as you know it happened at the site where weapons have been stored and no one can say for sure how many to repeat his have been stored there have been at the site when the incident happened and we've been hearing different reports from six thousand pieces to thirteen million these are of course two completely different pictures and as we understand it there have been some injuries but we're not quite sure of the details of those yet but the whole area has been evacuated that is correct at the moment is it it is and the major concern remains whether there were people at the scene at the moment when explosion happened there are reports that they could be from three to eight people trapped at this side and given especially since the sad day to all of these kind of incidents it's not for the first time that we see signs like that happened in russia. over the last three years dozens of incidents like this happened in different parts of russia claiming
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lives of both military personnel and civilians. well the blast in chap i guess is the latest in a series of explosions at military sites in russia in recent years several blasts occurred. the ranges in the autumn but agreed in last year all of them during unloading missiles as they were being prepared for recycling while less than a month ago an explosion at the ammunition recycling plant in the region injured two workers all have been blamed on a failure to comply with safety regulations and all of this of course a major concern for russia's emergency committee which has stressed the issue of ensuring safety at military sites the anti-government protests in turkey are stretching into a third week despite warnings that the policing will intensify we've got the latest on that just after a quick break. dangerous
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experiments on prisoners they want to make money and they have these healthy guinea pigs in the regular society they're not able to use prisoners i mean while they wish they could. drug tests on human guinea pigs. paid to deadly pills he didn't pass away he was killed. he didn't pass away they let him die. is pharmacy really about helping people. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images cold world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.
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welcome back now as expected the g eight talks in northern ireland would dominated by a clash over syria's ongoing civil war despite a show of unity at the end party boy was at the summit venue. the final outcome hailed a success in the deadlock over syria yet for some of the summits participants it was a better experience than for the others it had been billed as a game of seven against one of the final joint statement made by all the leaders at the summit about syria perhaps an indication that russia's stance isn't that easy to ignore the focal point of the outcome of a peace conference to bring together both sides of the syrian conflict and get them
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around the negotiating table as soon as possible but what that joint statement didn't include was a call for bashar al assad to step down something that david cameron and barack obama have been very vocal about neither was there mention of the so-called red line that barack obama has talked of last week when he claimed that the u.s. had evidence about the syrian government's use of chemical weapons and that they had made the decision to arm the syrian opposition however what did become clear that russia isn't the only country that isn't convinced by the usas claims that the syrian government have used chemical weapons lattimer putin said that all the g eight leaders want to see more proof as well the russian leader also reiterated that russia's arms shipments to syria that have caused so much concern in the west are entirely legal we provide supplies in line with a fictional contract to the legitimate government of president assad you know when
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the political weapon supplies to syrian rebels by european countries the british people recently witnessed an outrageous tragedy when a soldier was butchered in broad daylight in the streets of london many in the syrian opposition not all of them of course criminals like the ones that conducted that violent killing do europeans want to supply arms to these people who will happen to these weapons. and you could end up back in europe that's why we. well enough partners to think twice before the trip to sixteen leave dangerous stuff like the same time on another edge of the resort david cameron had a few quick questions to answer about why the need is final statement didn't kill say any of his usual anti assad rhetoric what we don't want to happen in syria is for the regime to go in for chaos to follow that is what happened
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in iraq and no one wants to repeat one thing that everyone agrees on is that the only way to solve the syrian crisis is through diplomacy and peace talks but that's exactly what this is being talks about more talks and with a date for geneva two penciled into the talent leaders leaving a lot heard might well be wondering what exactly they've achieved probably boy care see northern ireland and as world leaders debate a diplomatic solution the co-founder of the organization syrian youth says the rebel fighters are not up for talks this opposition is now infested with al-qaeda the not the syrian national council is almost at this integrating we don't really know statements from them essentially what is keeping been so just the government is the is the funds coming from qatar and saudi arabia be insurgents coming from turkey syria is very different to how it was six months ago now syria is the top world's destination for jihad and essentially turned into a hub for extremism so the fact that on the ground there are no real legitimate
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rebel forces the moderate free syrian army has now been exposed as a facade for the muslim brotherhood and there on the rebel movement on the ground who would negotiate because the majority of them are radical extremists many of them are now fighting for an islamic state. afghan president hamid karzai has suspended discussions with washington on a new security deal it would have set the conditions for the u.s. military presence in afghanistan beyond the twenty fourteen pullout deadline it is in reaction to washington's announcement of talks with the taliban which we do on thursday prisoner exchanges are up for discussions with the islamists for the first few weeks are expected to see both sides sound each other out and put forward their agenda the negotiations in doha follow a fresh wave of violence in afghanistan which killed locals and several foreign troops from artie's. president barack obama has described the prospect of talks
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with the taliban as an important first step towards reconciliation now that is in a contrast to the statement in two thousand and nine when the president declared it's impossible for us all for pakistan to have impunity with folks who kill women and children over sixteen thousand civilians are estimated to have lost their lives in a five year period from two thousand and seven to two thousand and twelve now despite this figure and the thousands of nato troops who have also been killed it appears the objective of the invasion to rid the country of the taliban has not been met and that raises the question whether the lives lost have been in vain now this quote from obama last year highlights a shift in thinking we're pursuing a negotiated peace in coordination with the afghan government and with the taliban we made it clear they can be a part of the future but it's not just president obama who has had a change of heart over dealings with the taliban four years ago then secretary of state hillary clinton said the taliban poses
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a mortal threat to the security of our country i'm of the world however before leaving office she also decided that talking to the taliban was the way forward we committed to afghan reconciliation our only goal is to open the door for the afghans to sit down with the other afghans so that they can work out the future for their country. the taliban have their own choice to make but the united states is prepared to work with all afghans so what sort of country will nato be leaving behind while at the moment it's an extremely poor one over forty percent of the population thought to be living below the poverty line and with such a high rate of poverty the illicit production and sale of opium has become a major problem afghanistan sells more of the stuff than any other country in the world it pumps out three hundred and seventy five tons of heroin every year now that is ninety percent of the world's entire supply the booming black market needs to accusations of vast corruption estimates suggest afghans paid two point five billion dollars in bribes last year that's the equivalent of almost one quarter of
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the country's entire economy the question now for america is whether the six hundred thirty five billion dollars that it spent on the afghan war so far and the thousands of lives lost of all been worth it well antiwar activist richard baca says washington's afghan at its have gone down the track where it is just fighting and dying over the last several years because that's really what it is been going on and when it's very clear that quote unquote victory wasn't hospitable for the u.s. for occupation force there are hundreds of billions of dollars. hundreds of thousands of people killed and want to do. afghanistan ranks exactly last christmas according to the cia's the figures in the war of the infant mortality and so we have a situation where the united states just isn't a red could not win the war but the losers of the war are the people of afghanistan
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. in turkey police have detained dozens of people across the country to try and end the only going antigovernment protests the public unrest against prime minister government has gone on for over three weeks now tom barton is in ankara. but colder than any other day is going to be a disaster the turkish capital ankara profitable the streets having become the city join the nightly study of the team lead police atlanta tester's police came here to spotlight find it leave this post finally spoke to their struggles of the many crashes going to treat it like churchill son let me. sleep i was like oh please please actually something not lose your mind if she was horribly removes all those lectures i want to see the try to the next night see how to fix it was a decade ago they could do well if he is planning to make it seem to such like she
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is the shortest because at least it shows that he has a good way to look to kish for suddenly the only guys these protests to show that a trip was becoming serious was ok but if you need to have a good thing the politics of this region was true and so i found it tricky because they want to point out i was on a student that was let's try this may see the power of the. turkish police crackdown has been widely condemned for its violent intense is a unique and right control methods are not quite what they see that ripple nothing like some cold water in the heat of the moments to ease tension or so you'd think in turkey however when water is being used to quell street riots it can prove to be a health risk is water cannons have made appearance at almost every protest over the last two weeks in turkey and the water is supposed to have
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a somewhat cooling effect on the crowds but lately the protesters have noticed something different about the stream it's not just its bright orange color but the aftereffects that the water leaks on people who come in contact with it. i felt water on my back on my right arm at first i didn't get any feeling i just got wet and then it started to burning and i asked my friends what should i do they said take off your clothes and i did it and i saw that my skin had turned red and it was itching and it started to burn pictures from the internet allegedly shows something called janick sabine put into the water tanks of the cannon the manufacturer is based in istanbul but when we got to their office we found a vast array of area fresheners and no one who would talk to us about the substance on camera the manufactures website claims it's not harmful to people or the environment but turkey's association of medics disagrees of course that is not acceptable and even the go no if you stumble at mit's it that something was added
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to those water cannons and he described it well yes a drug is being added but is that a chemical and nobody knows what that means but a chemical is being got it but that certainly chemicals in maine last for several hours to a couple of days doctors however remain worried the combination of pepper spray and tear gas as a means to control the crowd may have a long term effect some people's health. forgot that it was the culprit the first effect of what i experienced in the park is a psychological fact that i'm not able to sleep or to drink also i have many injuries from police violence i still feel down sometimes i have a headache and i feel like i'm not a healthy person anymore on top of that medics question the legal aspect of chemicals used by the government during civil unrest some how many countries including pretty are still considering tear gas. it is not constant gas as
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a chemical weapon but in one nine hundred sixty nine these two gases and similar gases are we guarded as chemical weapons and now we have to start a new campaign to prevent the use of gases in turkey but until such a complaint comes into effect people in turkey are left wondering just which chemicals will they be showered with every time they hit the streets in protest in istanbul in an r t. you're watching i say thanks for being with us this afternoon in a couple of minutes we take a look at the risks of being a professional medical getting paid.
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i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. please be two language. programs these documentaries in arabic in school here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about seventy yards piece interviews intriguing story for you. then try. to find out more visit our big don't go t.v. don't call. for your experiences in this newsletter which is titled i hold it up it's called the i'm guessing as i
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write the guinea pig zero direct you know explain the title i write about the history of human experiments and news stories about sometimes abuses and things that go wrong in experiments and so not only did you do the experiment but you're the investigative journalist as well within the industry you can say that i keeping them honest keeping them honest because they have to because the guinea pigs themselves can't do it and so they're all doped up. you know i'm going to take my pill. are all. going to have to sort of. a.d.h. just. as a person gets more work done when they take him for other means. so the scientific definition.


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